“I wish to inform you that the [tax] profession to which you aspire is, in fact, heroic… In fact, the less conventionally heroic or exciting or adverting or even interesting or engaging a labor appears to be, the greater its potential as an arena for actual heroism, and therefore as a denomination of joy unequaled by any you can yet imagine.” David Foster Wallce, The Pale King, as discussed in Arthur J. Cockfield, David Foster Wallace on Tax Policy, How to be an Adult and Other Mysteries of the Universe (2015)

Recent books:

Cockfield and Kerzner, International Taxation Core Concepts (Thomson Reuters, 2nd ed., 2017)

Edgar, Cockfield and O’Brien, Materials on Canadian Income Tax (Thomson Reuters, 15th ed., 2015)

Li and Cockfield (with Wilkie), International Taxation in Canada (LexisNexis, 4th ed., 2018)

Cockfield, Hellerstein, Millar and Waerzeggers, Taxing Global Digital Commerce (Kluwer, 2013)

Cockfield, Introduction to Legal Ethics (LexisNexis, 2nd ed. 2016)

Cockfield and Brown, Student Income Tax Act (Thomson Reuters, 8th ed., 2018)

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Recent Op-Ed Articles:

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