Teaching Tools

Narrative Law Teaching

One of the best ways to learn is through stories. For each of the stories below, a lawyer protagonist is taken through a series of problems that the reader tries to resolve.

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Business Associations

Learning Corporate Law: Passing the DeathGameCyberTest. In the future, only the brave survive law school.

International Tax

La Brienza Winery: Tax Trouble in Wine Country (published; first two chapters available).  Help tax law professor Xavier Montenegro solve a murder mystery in Northern California wine country.


How to Manage a Difficult Tax Partner (published: first three chapters available).  Help new tax associate Justin Lumberlane survive a homicidal maniac tax partner.

Legal Ethics

(published as part of Introduction to Legal Ethics: first two chapters available)Sandra’s Trust. Help new lawyer Terry Bradford assist his  mysterious client … and somehow stay alive.


Surfbuddy.com: Advising Internet Start-Up Companies. Help advise a new high tech firm, but watch out when the law firm of Hughs and Nastie tries to have you fired.

Cyberlaw and Policy Problems

Virtual Teaching

A new way of learning involves the use of virtual worlds where instructors and students appear as avatars.  Below you will find details of a 2010 legal conference that took place in Second Life.

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Canada’s first virtual legal conference

Direct link to recording of the conference: qshare.queensu.ca/Groups/law/www/avatarHALT.html

PowerPoint slides for presentation on ‘Philip K. Dick, Virtual Worlds and Surveillance Technologies‘ (at minute 97 of recording from previous link)

PowerPoint slides for a presentation to Canadian judges: Virtual ConferencesNJISAug272010